Ringing in 2016 with a new line for Shattered Time 

2016 starts the beginning of another creative endeavor. I’m joining the B’sue Boutiques Build a Line Challenge 2016. There will be 3 blog hops as we work through our lines. I will post more dates and details soon! 
I’m starting this time reflecting on where I’ve been and where Shattered Time is going. 

Here’s my line from last year  
I loved my “through the looking glass” theme. At the beginning I think that I was so worried about the expectations and grand ideas that were in my head that I struggled to get things moving sometimes wondering if I could do it at all. With all the guidance and support from Brenda and all the members of last years group I suddenly found myself figuring it out. I started with the big statement piece to get it off my mind so to say and from there progressed to the rest of my line. 

The response from customers at the couple shows I did this year was wonderful! I sold a number of pieces to my line and gained more exposure for my brand. ( I never thought a year ago that anyone would ever think pieces were mine just by looking)

When the whole process ended I was initially creatively burnt out. Not sure where to next after pouring everything into a project for months. However I learned so much and gained so much insight into myself as an artist. It shaped the rest of my year and also carried through into pieces the rest of the year.

When it came to committing to this challenge again there was no question that it was something I needed to do. The structure and deadlines keep me on task and working towards a goal. 

I hope many follow the blog hops and support everyone in this challenge. Here’s to a fabulous and creative 2016!

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