Build a Line Challenge from B’Sue Boutiques, Erin Whitacre of Shattered Time Jewelry Part 1

Hello!  My name’s Erin Whitacre from Girard, Ohio!  Thanks for stopping by my blog to check out my new line as part of the B’Sue Boutiques Build a Line Challenge!  Over the next three months, me and several other participants will be taking part in a master class aimed at creating, designing and refining an original line of jewelry.

It all started with this fabulous order I received from


The theme of my line is A Steampunk Trip Through the Looking Glass.  My inspiration is Lewis Carroll’s timeless literary masterpiece, Alice in Wonderland.  The story is, of course, a journey of imagination and wonder–and I hope to capture some of that magic with the pieces I’ll be creating.  I picked this theme because it connects with my jewelry concept of Shattered Time.

In Wonderland, nothing is at is seems.  Many of the characters, concepts and themes of the story will be evident in my line.  While the final pieces will share similar traits, all of them will be unique and different in their own way.

Here is the first piece I conjured up in my head.  This is a larger necklace concept, which incorporates several of the element from Alice, as well as utilizing a few of my own Shattered Time creations.


And I’ve also started a scaled down version, which will be a smaller necklace once completed.


Both of these items are incomplete, but are coming along quite nicely.

Over the next few months, I hope to develop more pieces and diversify the line–with the help of the rest of the members in my creative group, and B’Sue!  Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions, and DEFINITELY enjoy the rest of the blog hop!


GREETINGS and WELCOME to the first of a trilogy of blog hops for the BUILD A LINE challenge and master class!

This blog hop is sponsored by B’sue Boutiques



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47 thoughts on “Build a Line Challenge from B’Sue Boutiques, Erin Whitacre of Shattered Time Jewelry Part 1

  1. stregajewellry

    Good morning Erin! Wow! I love your idea! I’m certainly going to direct my daughter to your blog. We both love Alice and steampunkery. You certainly have the collage type work “down”. These are great pieces! I’m excited to see what else you come up with. I see you love those little hats of Brendas. They are also a favorite of mine. Here is a question for you. Are you familiar with a blog on WordPress called Steampunkapotamus? If not, look for him. He reblogs a lot of steampunk blogs and may reblog yours. Lots of folk follow him. His reblog would get you a lot more notice.


  2. Gina Hockett

    Love your theme, I am such a fan of Alice and the Looking Glass. I know this line will be super successful!! I am really looking forward to seeing more!! Loved your blog post this morning.


  3. MJ Casady Copper Works

    Love your theme, and am looking forward to seeing the rest of your pieces. Aren’t those glass eyes fun to work with?!?!


  4. Tammy Adams

    Wow, you’re off to an amazing start, and quite far ahead of me in assembling your line. I better hurry into the studio or I’ll be late for a very important date. Looking forward to seeing the whole line.



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